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Sakura Senka - The Kuchiki Byakuya fan community
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Welcome to Sakura Senka, the premier Kuchiki Byakuya LJ Community!
Icons! Discussions! Fanarts! Crack! All are welcome! And we hope, that with your help, we can make this a fine community worthy of Byakuya's discriminating tastes (And have a whole lot of fun too!!!).

Community Maintainer: undead_milkman
(Email at Xipe_Totec581@Hotmail.com)

The Laws of This Community Are Thus:

1. Spoilers are accepted and should be expected at this point, since most of Byakuya's coverage has not been aired in the anime. You've entered at your own risk.

2. Theories, speculations, gossip, etc. are encouraged, as they invariably lead to interesting discussions.

3. Though Byakuya is in essence a serious character and most posts regarding him will be serious, there is a certain appeal to poking fun at him. As long as the cracks are not overtly-malicious in nature (this is a Byakuya FAN community after all), they are welcomed and appreciated greatly.

4. Use lj-cuts for huge images, icon posts in excess of 3 icons, and large quantities of text.

5. Please use Ratings for your work and put it under a cut, with warning, if and when it's needed.

6. Please credit the original author when whatever you're posting comes from somebody else.

7. Icons should follow LJ standard : 100x100 and under 40kb

8. For fanfictions,Yaoi, Yuri (?), Het and whatever is allowed, but please use a lj-cut and
We trust your good taste, good spelling and good grammar...

9. For fanart, please use ratings when needed.

10. Please be nice and considerate to all, avoid being annoying and malicious. Trolling and similar anti-social behaviors are considered attacks on the community and will be dealt with accordingly.


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